Macquarie Downs has taken a very special part of Australia and carefully built on its natural and climatic strengths to create something very, very special.

  • 10,000 hectares of quality rangelands
  • 1300 hectares of annual fodder cropping
  • Around 500 Hectares of irrigated cropping (Wheat, barley and hay in winter and then sorghum, soybean, mung bean, maize and cotton in summer)
  • 3500 Megalires of irrigation water from seasonal overland flow.
  • 577 Megalitres of underground water allocations.
  • Lateral move’ and ‘hybrid centre pivots’ allow exact applications of water to maximize yields and watering efficiency.

 With this incredible infrastructure, ‘Macquarie Downs’ is in the very best position to extract a much sought after premium from the Wagyu!



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