The art of ‘Long Feeding’ is founded on one key secret… You simply can’t rush perfection!

Everything we do here at Macquarie Wagyu is heavily steeped in the time proven and much talked about Quality not Quantity mantra.

Every decision is measured and managed so that the Wagyu is able to deliver on all of the superior breed attributes… and that’s why awards flow freely here!

We breed full-blood Wagyu cattle to produce high marbling Wagyu beef… a pure delight for everyone that tastes it.

  • We were an early adopter of the Artificial Insemination (A.I.) and Embryo Transfer (E.T.) techniques. We always use carefully selected blood lines to produce the premium Macquarie Wagyu.
  • We have a carefully balanced infusions of Tajima, Shimane and Tottori characteristics.
  • Calves are weaned and grow up on improved pasture with access to a Wagyu specific creep feeding ration designed by our nutritionist.
  • Cattle enter our feedlot at about 320 to 400kg (after 500 days for full bloods… and 400 days for F1 Crosses) they exit at an average of 750Kgs of the finest tasting beef in the world.
  • Dressing out at an average of 425 Kgs our customers love what we do here.
  • No ‘Hormonal Growth Promotants’ are used here and the total feed ration has been developed by our nutritionist to optimize production efficiency and most importantly, to trap in the eating qualities.
  • We understand that you can’t manage what you can’t measure and our very mature data recording systems are constantly updated in the feedlot to drive feed conversion decisions…. against genetics and carcass feedback history.
  •  This sought after data pool is made available to all Macquarie Wagyu custom feeder clients and interested suppliers. They use the data to inform their breeding and selection decisions.
  • Obviously this data has empowered Macquarie Wagyu to accelerate the genetic advancement of the herd. Being one of the key pioneers of Wagyu here in Australia we are uniquely placed to enhance the iconic status of the breed.
  • In Japan those recognized as master craftsmen are known as ‘takumi’… and the undisputed ‘takumi’ of the Japanese Wagyu is Takeda-san.


In Australia, Macquarie Downs manager, Anthony Winter is one of only 3 pupils of Wagyu breeders that Takeda-san mentors!

If you want to concentrate on breeding… and let the long feeding ‘artisans’ here take care of the feeding, you will be among great company.

If you have the best lines of full blood or even cross bred Wagyu cattle, which need to be placed in a situation that will yield you better data for future decision…  it’s ‘Macquarie Downs’!

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