“Spectacular molten bliss! Very Tender, good earthy caramel rich buttery flavors… crumbly in the mouth”.

That’s what an expert panel of chefs and judges said about the meat supplied by Macquarie Downs, judged to be the Grand Champion, at a recent Australian Wagyu Association (or AWA) Branded Beef Competition.

 That pleasing result was subjected to a very rigorous and highly scientific analysis before judges tasting. Using a state of the art Japanese developed imaging camera and the associated computer software program,  each entry was scanned to calibrate, not only the amount of marbling,  but also the coarseness or fineness of the marbling… as well as the all-important eye muscle area.

  • The Macquarie Downs Grand Champion entry scored 733 against an average of 713 for the top four entries.
  • It had the biggest eye muscle area at 103 Sq. cms. and with 47% intramuscular fat… well over Australian average which is 36% IMF.
  • The back story was that the highest IMF score was 53% from another Macquarie Downs fed entry.

Obviously that result isn’t in isolation. Awards are regularly won by Macquarie Downs. Their many successes led to them being entered and subsequently winning the Feedlot of the year, for feedlots under 3000 head!

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